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With very limited formal employment opportunities available and no social security system, War on Want estimates that 88% of Malawians struggle

to make a living from subsistence agriculture or independent, small-scale entrepreneurial trading ventures.

Joyce lives near Mangochi, a town situated in the southern region of Malawi, and liaises with the families ChildCare Malawi supports. In an effort to increase her earnings, she makes bridal flower arrangements for friends and neighbours. Fresh flowers are prohibitively expensive, so her posies and floral decorations are made using artificial flowers and small baskets decorated with glossy paper ribbons to match the bride’s colour scheme. As the prospect of buying a wedding dress is out of the question for most brides in Malawi, Joyce has identified a demand for wedding dresses and bridal accessories that can be hired out locally at affordable prices.

What you could do to help

If you would like to give your wedding dress or prom dress a new lease of life, please consider donating it to Joyce. Sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses are most suitable because of the hot climate. Associated bridalwear from shoes, jewellery, veils, tiaras and hair accessories to dresses for wedding guests, clutch bags and bridesmaid dresses also bring great joy to brides in Malawi by enabling them to realise their dreams of a stylish wedding.

Charitable status

ChildCare Malawi is unable to register with the Charity Commission because our annual income is less than £5,000. However, we are registered as
a Small Charity with HMRC, which entitles us to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations.



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